How to Convince a Stripper to Stay for Extended Party Hours?

image_barbie_bigFirst of all, you should respect your adult entertainer and be friendly with her to make her feel comfortable to stay longer. Miscommunication, disrespecting the dancer and starting with the wrong step are some turn offs for a stripper. Research the party location first and research the venue to know whether you can plan private party or not. In some major cities like Portland, Chicago, Miami and Raleigh, all entertainers should wear pasties and bottoms in public locations. Most parties are cancelled in hotels due to noise complaints. If you want your party go longer in a hotel, be sure to prompt the hotel manager to provide a room which is far away from the room of other guests.

Some hotels offer a special room for party where you can have extra space for the entertainer to perform. If dancer has proper space and healthy environment, she will stay longer. When it comes to provide proper comfort to the bachelor party strippers Miami, make sure to have proper carpeting rather than just hardwood flooring as she has to play special tricks by getting on knees. Even though they bring paraphernalia of their own, it is wise to arrange some whipped cream, shots of alcohol and spare towels.

Schedule a Stripper as Delayed as You Can
Since you don’t know the schedule of strippers, it is better to plan your bachelor party late. This is so because strippers have other appointments before you due to which they can be late for your show. It this is the case, you may also bargain the price with the stripper or ask them to stay longer at the party for coming so late for the party. This way, they won’t have excuse to escape from the party earlier. After a hard performance, offer her some wine to make her feel relaxed.

Give Extra Tips and Money
Apart from paying general fees and charges before they start the Miami adult entertainment which includes full nudity, pictures, striptease and more, giving extra money and tips for performance always makes sense. Most lady strippers make more than $20 extra for dirty tricks and even more for their special trick to accommodate guest of honor of the party. If these tricks don’t work to convince them to stay longer, then ask the exact amount they want to spend rest of the party with party guests personally.

A Little Hospitality Can Work Well
Your stripper may have had several parties without eating anything. And your party guests may drink more than eat in such parties. So you can offer your party entertainer with some food and put her in reciprocal state to spend some extra time in the party. Don’t confuse the business of strippers and escorts. And don’t do anything which sounds cheap for them like asking her for ‘free massage’ in a private room. Just be sincere and genuine to her and make her welcomed.

Prepare Guest to Involve in the Party
Participation of guests can keep the entertainers engaged and it becomes easier for them to perform.


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