Amazing Fun Games to Enjoy at Bachelor Party with Party Strippers

Himage_autumn_bigaving some party strippers Chicago is one of the fun ways to spruce up a bachelor party and to entertain every member of the party. A successful and unforgettable party night always require careful planning and smart action. To hire an expert stripper, finding a best adult entertainment company is important. In the party, you will have nothing sexier than hunky and handsome guys dancing with exotic steps. Be sure to consider how often the site is being updated and how old the photo of a male stripper. In order to add more fun on your bachelor party, you can add more fun activities to embarrass the bride.

Fun and Hilarious Games to Enjoy at Bachelor Party
One of the most classic and enjoyable bachelor party games is Scavenger Hunt. This is usually enjoyed in the nightclubs and bars where bride has to perform some silly tasks or collect some items. Sometimes, the team of bridesmaids gives the bride some tasks like collecting Fruit of the Loom from the brief underwear of guys on the bars. Other tasks usually given to embarrass a bride in scavenger hunt is getting a kiss from a good-looking nerd or collecting some condoms kept in the wallet of some guys.

A best way to know more about the bride while getting her embarrassed is playing Trivia. In this game, the bridesmaids make some questions for the bride about her fiancé. Everything here is just a fair game and no filter involved. The questions are relevant to embarrassing sexual experiences and penis size of her fiancé. In order to develop game of this type, proper research and time is required. But it is still most played bachelor party game because it is one cheapest game in the list.

Some traditional games like fuzzy handcuffs, sexy dice, Pin and Macho and lingerie come in the last category of bachelor party games. Now, you can download specific games for bachelor party on your Android phone or iPhone.  Offering candy bouquet of some specific types is the first part of bachelor party games in which she chooses the option of ‘suck for a buck’. In this game, bride can earn some money for the drink in the evening. In the scavenger hunt theme, you can find several other games. This way, you can take the bride on the dance floor and ask anyone for a condom. In this game, you can give a good laugh and have some fun things with the group and make your night more enjoyable.

If you want some more entertainment, then be sure to hire a bachelor party stripper Chicago who can charm all your bridesmaids. If you want to play Pin and Stud, then you can pin up the poster of sexy stud on the tail of a donkey and pin his manhood on. You can also plan some exotic prizes if you are planning a party in the hotel. You can have some loyalty prizes like lollipops of penis size. You can also sell out these prizes on some specialty stores or websites.


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